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Start-Up Business of the Year - East Midlands

Best for SME Growth Workshops - East Midlands

These prestigious awards mark the hard work and stellar efforts of those who have helped shape this demanding and dynamic region, and our comprehensive selection and judging process singles out the true market leaders over the past year.

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Growth Strategies that work

We look at what you are currently doing to generate business and give advice on what we think you could be doing to improve your branding and increase your level of sales.

Often this advice does not require you investing more money in your business, but simply revolves around guiding you to a better focus of your time and resources.

Simply put, we offer a critical and professional assessment of your business from a completely unbiased viewpoint (#fresheyes), with the sole aim of helping you to grow.

Calling on 40 years of knowledge, experience, and expertise we help sole traders and small businesses to create a strategy for growth.

Support Strategies that really help

If and when required we are also able to support our client’s existing Sales Operation in a number of ways

I Coach

One-to-one coaching for new hires to make them productive as early as possible, so that they can quickly contribute to your bottom line.

I Advise

Advice and guidance on the potentially difficult and expensive process of hiring new sales people

I Create

Creation of a unique “Sales Playbook” for your business to ensure both consistent sales excellence and performance from your existing sales team, and to help fast-track new hires

I Manage

Short term/part-time Sales Manager contracts to cover for holidays, illness, or recruitment timescales

Need advice?​

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Need advice?​

Ready to make the next step? Organise a no-obligation call with me to see how I can help your business.

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Read through what I do in more detail and see how I can help you get #fresheyes to improve your business.

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What Our Clients Say

 “ Adrian really opened my eyes to the potential I was missing out on, he pointed out things I hadn't thought about but should have. ”

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