……often spending countless hours trying to generate the revenues to meet this month’s bills, whilst at the same time wondering and worrying where next month’s business is coming from.

And then, of course, there is that bothersome law of supply and demand to cope with.

If there is healthy demand for what you do then you can be certain that there will be lots of competition for your “products or services” in your marketplace.

But don’t despair, this is a good thing

If you find yourself as the ONLY supplier of a “product or service” then you are probably already an incredible success, or perhaps you might sadly have to re-think your business completely!

In a competitive marketplace the winners are nearly always those owners that take some time out from being “in” their businesses to make more time to be “on” their businesses.

It is this “on” the business time that offers the opportunity for the owners to create a competitive edge, to build brand recognition, and to thrive and grow.

Correctly focussed Networking and Social Media are two “on” the business activities that can really contribute to making a difference.

But focussed is the operative word. In the context of Networking then “Where to Network and How to Network” are the critical ingredients.

With Social Media it is all about “Reach” and the right “Message”, on the right platforms.

It is here that the search for readily affordable, pragmatic, and easily actionable “external advice” is a critical stepping stone for a small business to thrive and grow.

Most small businesses have a website, but many don’t know if it’s even being viewed, let alone being effective in attracting and winning business.

And of course there is all that red tape.

Is your small business at risk of punishment for not having the necessary tick in the box for Health and Safety, Employment and Payroll Law, Workplace Pensions, Liability Insurance, etc, regulations.

If this short article has resonated in any way to you and your business, then please do take a minute to look at:

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Adrian Williams


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